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Volunteer Positions Available

Nov 21, 2011 11:00 AM

Posted by Allison Eady

The Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable is looking for volunteers to help with several projects related to the Roundtable website, and access to information about food in Waterloo Region. The positions and their descriptions are posted below. If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, or want more information, please contact Marc Xuereb.

Roundtable Volunteer Job Descriptions

Food Policy Workgroup

  • meet periodically (monthly?) with others to identify key food policy issues demanding action and advocacy
  • contact key Roundtable members to assess their positions on the issues, and recommend motions for the Roundtable to consider
  • draw up plans to advocate for the implementation of Roundtable-approved policy positions

Local Food Pricing Researcher

  • Help determine the feasibility of a website with an up-to date list of prices of local produce in Waterloo
  • Help design a plan for gathering pricing information from local farmers, and keeping the website up to date
  • Develop website and updating system

Website bloggers:

  • Write articles periodically on food issues for the Roundtable’s website
  • As often as you choose: one every two weeks to two/year
  • Take ideas from food listservs and put Waterloo Region spin on them

WRFoodNews writer / distributor:

  • Summarize the most important information posted to Roundtable’s website since last post
  • Highlight new Discussion Forum posts, blogs, upcoming events.
  • Create summaries once every two weeks.

Conversation Facilitator:

  • Monitor Roundtable blogs and Discussion Forums and contribute responses and invite further responses
  • Focus discussions on how articles are directly relevant to Waterloo Region and what can/should be (or is being) done here.

Website Administrator:

  • Monitor Discussion Forum regularly for inappropriate postings
  • Review all new event postings, Foodie profiles, and blog posts and approve as appropriate.

Listserv Administrator:

  • Review all new requests to join listserv and approve as appropriate.
  • Review all new listserv postings and approve or reject as appropriate.

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