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Farmers Applaud City of Waterloo Official Plan

May 03, 2012 10:00 AM

Posted by Bob Wildfong

I noticed the word "Waterloo" on the Farms.com newsletter this morning, and wondered what we'd done here to attract the nation's attention.

Farmers don't always comment positively on decisions made by City Councils, but this is a welcome exception - the City of Waterloo's official decision to focus on urban intensification, which will preserve more local farmland for future local food production.

We often hear rhetoric about planning decisions made by "island municipalities", as if the policies applied on one side of a city boundary will have some effect on the other side. Often, it seems, the undesired development happens anyway, just across the border, where policies are set by somebody else.

Regardless, the benefit of intensification is to create more places for people to settle within the city, reducing the demand for expansionist development outside the city boundaries. As the article says, this is "an overall positive step forward" for local farmland preservation.


Here's the Farms.com article:  http://www.farms.com/Commentaries/cffo-the-city-of-waterloo-focuses-on-intensification-over-expansion-51889.aspx

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