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Endorse the Waterloo Region Food Charter

Mar 01, 2013 01:00 PM

Posted by Jason Vistoli

The Waterloo Region Food Charter is now complete!

Make this document a permanent part of Waterloo Region's food policy!

Please consider endorsing the Waterloo Region Food Charter. By signing your name or lending the support of your organization, you can aid the document's acceptance by Regional Council when we present the Food Charter on April 9th, 2013.

The final draft was crafted after consulting with our community through an online survey, reviewing all the contributions, and painstakingly re-drafting the document to incorporate the survey responses.

Endorsing the Waterloo Region Food Charter is simple:

  • If you are already familiar with the charter process and wish to endorse this document, please review the updated Food Charter and follow the steps below by April 1st, 2013. We would like the voice of all eaters, community members and organizations regardelss of your position in the food system.
  • If you are new to the Waterloo Region Food Charter and require more information before considering endorsement, please see the Food Charter Backgrounder and our Food Charter Survey blog post to understand how this document can work for you. Then, review the updated Food Charter and if you agree with the document please follow the steps below by April 1st, 2013.
  • If you agree with the document as it stands, and wish to endorse the Waterloo Region Food Charter, please send an email to foodcharter@wrfoodsystem.ca by April 1st, 2013 with the following information:
    • your name and an explanation of the work you do in the food system, its okay to say eater or communty member, and whether or not you consent to making this information public
    • if you are representing an organization/business please include the organization's name, and if possible send us the logo and indicate if you consent to making this information public 

Example of personal endorsement:

My name is _______, and I endorse this Charter. My involvement with the food system is centered around alternative food production methods with the Community Garden Council. I consent to making this information public.

Example of organizational endorsement:

I am ______, and I work for a local food restaurant here in Cambridge. Our organization fully endorses this Food Charter, I have attached our logo and consent to making this information public.

We would appreciate it very much if you would seek formal endorsement of the Charter by your organization. Food Charter word cloudPlease consider bringing the Food Charter to your Board of Directors, Executive Director, company owner or whatever process your organization uses to make important decisions. We feel that our request for Regional Council to endorse the Food Charter will carry more weight if we can demonstrate that organizations and individuals have already endorsed the Charter.

Thank you very much for your well thought responses to the survey. Please join us at the Taste of Woolwich Festival on April 15th for the Food Charter unveiling.

Drafting Team: Ellen Dejardins, Steffanie Scott, Paula Byrk, Jason Vistoli and Michelle Metzger


Thank you for your endorsement so far!

Organizational Endorsements

Marisol restaurant  
Neighbourhood Group of Restaurants. (Borealis Grille and The Woolwich Arrow Pub)  
Seven Shores Urban Market & Cafe  
 Alternateives Journal  
Foodlink Waterloo Region  
Multicultural Centre (KWMC) Multicultural Centre 
Community Garden Council  Community Garden Council
Craig Richardson  Institute of Food Processing Technology - Conestoga College
Bailey's Local Foods
Kara's Smart Foods
 House of Friendship House of Friendship
My Sustainable Canada
Grand River Environmental Network  
Canadian Organic Growers, Perth-Waterloo-Wellington Chapter
Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre (KDCHC)  
The Working Centre  
Environment Student Society at The Universtiy of Waterloo
Waterloo Federation of Agriculture  Waterloo Federation of Agriculture logo
Veld Architect
Uptown Market - Watelroo
Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo Action Group
Young City Growers

Community endorsements

Connection with the local food network

 Ellen Desjardins

Community nutritionist, teacher and researcher on local food issues

 Steffanie Scott

past Co-Chair or Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable and food systems researcher, Department of Geography & Environmental Management, University of Waterloo

Greg Michalenko

Academic and Community Garden Council, Grand River Environmental Network. and Waterloo Region Food Systems Roundtalbe.

Paula Bryk

Community member 

Jason Vistoli

Community member 

Michelle Metzger

Student of Knowledge integration at the Univeristy of Waterloo

 Joshua Jodoin

Community member 

Victoria Alleyne

Active community volunteer and local sustainable food purchaser 

Rev. Anne Treadwell 

Resident of Ayr

Stanley Khaing

 Board of director member of several community organizations

Gina Hickman

Community member and eater 

Mary MacKeigan

Executive director of Opporitunities Waterloo Region 

Jackie Moore

Manager of ES Coffeeshop 

Eric Rumble

Editor-in-chief of Alternatives Journal 

Shauna Thomas

Community member 

Ellen Jakubowski

Community member 

Julie B.

Community member 

Jessica Kuepfer

Consumer of local foods and advicator of local food systems

Louisette Lenteigne

Member of Community Garden Council 

Marcia Ruby

Shopper at Kitchener Farmer's Market

Theresa Shumilas

Organic farmer and food hub owner/operator, consultant and academic 

Mary Milanovich 

Organic Farmer 

Kendra Leighton 

 Community member

Bob Gibson 


Karen Nicholson 

Local food supporter 

David McConnachie 

Community Garden Council 

Jeff Ward

Owner of Marisol Restaurant

Eric Rumble

Editor-in-chief of Alternatives Journal

Marianne Irvine

Member, Awareness of Low-Income Voices Everywhere (ALIVe)

Court Desautels

Group leader for Neighbourhood Group of Restaurants (Borealis Grille and The Woolwhich Arrow Pub)

Jana Vodicka

Community Garden Coordinator, Conestoga Acres

Emily Wong

Undergraduarte student interested in food systems

Anna Contini

Manager, Foodlink Waterloo Region

Dr. Neil Arya

Director of Global Health Western University, Adjunct Professor Environment and Resource Studies - University of Waterloo and Assistant Clinical Professor Family Medicine McMaster University

Bev Leighton

Community Member

Sheila Hultquist

Kitchener Community member

Luis Garcia

Chair, Craig Richardson Insitute of Food Processing Technology - Conestoga College

 Rachel Schultz

 Conestoga Acres

Charlotte Clarke

Concious consumer and community member

Erin Epp

Low income food hamper worker

Kathleen Stahlbaum

Director of Uptown Market Waterloo

Rachel Ward

Bailey's Local Foods

Lorrie Shantz

Community Garden member

Phil Mount

Academic and Nourishing Ontario Coordinator

Lucia Harrison

The Kitchener Waterloo Multicultural Centre, Director

Peter Kofler

Alternative food production

Janet and Don Roberts

Resident of Kitchener

Gerald Kara

Owner Kara's Smart Foods

Paul Shepski

Envrionment and Resourse Studies graduate from the University of Waterloo

Emily Copp

Community Garden volunteer

Catherine Heal

Community Garden Council member

Carrie Snyder

Community member Waterloo Region


My Sustainable Canada

Erin Moffat

Community member

Stephanie Whitney

Community member

Jackie McMillan


Barbara Spronk

Chair of the Advocacy Committee for the Canadian Federation of University Women, KW Club

Jennifer Clapp

Professor in Environmental and Resource Studies at University of Waterloo, Canada Research Chair in Global Food Security and Sustainability and 2013 Donner Prize finalist for her book on international food aid

Narendran Kumarakulasingam

Community member

Chef Gini Bechtel

Chef Instructor at School of Buisness and Hospitality, Conestoga College                   

Christine Sloboda

Community member

Jennifer Jones

PhD candidate at Balsillie School of International Affairs at University of Waterloo, member of Waterloo Food issues Group

Michéle Briger

Local Economic Development Student ,University of Waterloo and Watfig member

Andrew Wong

Student at University of Waterloo

Angelica Nef

Chair for the Perth-Wellington-Waterloo Chapter of the Canadian Organic Growers

Healther Lee

Researcher of Canadian policies for gentically engineered foods at Univeristy of Waterloo

Eric Goldberg

Excecutive Director with the Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre 

Nicolas Cloet

Employee of My Sustainable Canada and local food enthusiast 

Krista Hulshof

Architect for Veld and local food industry

Kathleen Stahlbaum

Director of Uptown Market Waterloo

Aleksandra Petrovic Graonic

Community project manager 

Susan Hamill

Community garden council

Zhenzhong Si

PhD candidate at deparement of Geography and Environmental Management - Universit of Waterloo

Fanis Juma-Radstake

Curator of Young City Growers and Community Garden organizer

Carole Lavigne

Presedent of the Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network/ Le Réseau Agroalimentaire de l'Est ontarien

Pat Singleton 

Executive Director Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank

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