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Food-Friendly Municipalities organizing meeting

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Food-Friendly Municipalities organizing meeting October 2nd

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Food-Friendly Municipalities organizing meeting

October 2 2:00 PM - October 2, 2013 4:00 PM
At 99 Regina St S, Waterloo, Room 310

Submitted By: Marc Xuereb

Join fellow Foodies in the work of advocating for more food-friendly municipalities in Waterloo Region.  This first organizing meeting will focus on a new report by Krista Long which outlines ways to create more supportive environments for community gardens and temporary farmers' markets in Waterloo Region.

The report, Planning for Food-Friendly Municipalities in Waterloo Region, includes a review of:

  • Zoning by-laws that can permit temporary farmers’ markets and community gardens in all land use designations and zones;
  • supportive licensing by-laws and regulations for temporary farmers’ markets;
  • incentives such as reduced or waived fees for temporary farmers’ markets; and
  • other policies specific to community gardens.

But how are we going to implement the recommendations contained in this report? Come be a part of formulating the plan and implementing it!

We need people to:

  • write letters to municipal Councillors
  • make appointments to meet Councillors and discuss food issues with them
  • make appointments to meet municipal staff and discuss the report's specific proposals
  • make presentations to Council meetings
  • develop and implement a public campaign to garner more support for the changes we want
  • encourage your contacts online to join the campaign

RSVP for this meeting to Marc Xuereb, Roundtable staff support.