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Organization Profiles

Region of Waterloo Public Health

building a healthy food system so people will eat healthier

99 Regina Street South
Phone: 519-883-2004
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Organization Mission

building healthy and supportive communities

Organization Description

Region of Waterloo Public Health, like all Public Health departments across Ontario, has a mandate to try to prevent chronic diseases by promoting (among other things) healthy eating and physical activity. We know that telling people which foods are good for them is not enough, so we have been supporting food system work for over a decade, engaging the community in asking questions about our food system and working towards changes that will make healthy food choices the defaults.

Areas of Involvement

  • Research on food system issues - many published reports at http://www.wrfoodsystem.ca/phreports
  • Food retail - our Public Health Inspectors inspect thousands of food premises every year to ensure food safety
  • Health professional - we employ Public Health Planners, Nurses, and Nutritionists

Organization Priorities

  • Connecting people to local food system - we have done research on Waterloo Region residents' food skills, and run the Community Nutrition Worker program
  • Access to healthy food - publish Nutritious Food Basket annually, which points out how difficult it is to afford a healthy diet on low incomes
  • Integrated food policies at all levels of government - helped influence food policies in the Regional Official Plan