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Organization Profiles

African Community Wellness Initiative

Promoting holistic wellness in the local African communities.

Unit #2, 600 White Elm Blvd
Phone: 519 880 9540
E-mail facebook

Organization Mission

The African Community Wellness Initiative is working towards mobilizing cultural and system leaders towards the promotion of holistic wellness in the African immigrant communities of the Waterloo Region.

Organization Description

ACWI is a process of dialogue and action taking place at the community level and system level with a focus on promoting holistic wellness in local African immigrant and refugee communities.

ACWI has grown out of a series of conversations initiated at the grassroots level and among cultural and system leaders about a wellness initiative that;

a) is community led and build on cultural community capacity,

b) will enhance dialogue and decrease silos among cultural community leaders and system leaders,

c) will increase grassroots participation in animating and implementing solutions to the issues that affect the holistic wellness of the African immigrant communities.

Most recently ACWI is active in working collaboratively with government agencies and grassroots groups in promoting immigrant participation in urban agricultural practices. We are excited to be involved in the creation of Patchwork Community Gardens, two new inclusive community gardening spaces in the Waterloo Region.

ACWIís engagement of the local food growing system is based on the conviction that a healthy reconnection to the land is a promising cultural practice for addressing the root causes of food insecurity and poverty, and increasing the experience of holistic wellness among African immigrant communities in the Waterloo Region.

Areas of Involvement

  • Economic development - Currently, ACWI is involved in promoting local urban agriculture as a income opportunity for immigrant and refugee youth, by working towards the creation Young City Growers, a summer empoyment program for at risk youth.
  • Land use planning - As part of our lead organization role of Patchwork Community Gardens, ACWI is also active in seeking out additional urban growing spaces from private and public land owners in KW.
  • Urban agriculture - Currently ACWI is taking a lead, ground level role in creating new inclusive community gardening spaces in the City of Waterloo

Organization Priorities

  • Connecting people to local food system - ACWI is involved in the support and promotion of new accessible community gardening spaces
  • Access to healthy food - Through our role with Patchwork Community Gardens, ACWI is creating spaces for engaging local growers to plant and cultivate culturally diverse fruits and vegetables.