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WRFoodNews January 26, 2012

Lots of new stories posted on the Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable's website this week: keep up the good Foodie work, people!

1. The Math Behind Tim Horton's New Sizes

A large (formerly extra-large) double-double Tim Horton's coffee has 280 calories, 14 grams of fat and 34 grams of sugar. Does anyone really need 24 ounces of coffee? Read Naturopath Kimberley Bretz's take on the issue in her blog post.

2. Mark your calendars: Foodie Social February 22nd

The Roundtable would like to invite all Foodies in Waterloo Region for an evening of socializing. There's no agenda: just come and meet others like yourself who are working towards a healthier food system in Waterloo Region! Foodie Policy wonk Katherine Pigott has graciously offered to host the event at her home: do her the favour of letting her know you intend to come so she can plan for the right number. And if you want to offer to bring along some snacks, let her know. RSVP to KPigott@regionofwaterloo.ca.

3. Diabetes and the Food Bank

Roundtable members Diana Bumstead is the Co-ordinator of Waterloo Region Shares, a network of emergency food providers which are striving to improve delivery of food to people who need it most. Diana's recent blog post notes that food banks in Waterloo Region are noticing that a high number of clients live with diabetes, and shares some resources for dealing with the disease.

4. Local Food Bytes Digital Storytelling Event

Food is much more than what is on your plate. The Latitudes and Longitudes Digital Storytelling Project wants to hear your stories about how local food has transformed you, your family, your friends ... your community. Two intimate events are planned for February 18th and 25th. Digital media artist Dwight Storring explains how you can get involved in his blog post.

5. Mystery Fish

Many consumers think of fish or seafood as the healthy option, but are we really getting what we think we are when we buy fish at the store or restaurant? Find out how you can educate yourself on this issue in Annette Carroll's blog post.

6. Feeding ourselves outside the formal economy - looking for research participants

Do you feed yourself, your family and friends, through ways that look a little different from stepping into a grocery store? Then University of Waterloo student Heather Cann wants to talk to you as part of her study of informal food systems in the region. See her Discussion Forum post for details.

7. Does How We Eat Matter?

How would we eat differently if we thought of all each bite really is? Would the kinds of foods we eat, the reasons we eat, as well as how we eat be different? Read more of farmer Candace Wormsbecker's thoughts on how we can connect with food, and build supportive food communities, in the Roundtable blog post.

8. Work Opportunities in Food

Several new volunteer opportunities have been posted on our website. The Roundtable is still seeking help with its website and working groups, Canadian Organic Growers is looking for Steering Committee members, Transpire Organics is looking for farm interns, and much more. Details at www.wrfoodsystem.ca/jobs.

9. Upcoming Food Events

Here are the Foodie events that we know of in the next couple of weeks. Post your own Foodie events on our Events page and view details on these and other upcoming events.

Heritage Seeds and Bees in your Garden, Tuesday, January 31, 6:30-8:30pm, Forest Heights Library, Kitchener
The World We Want, Tuesday, January 31, 7:30-9:30pm, Wychwood Barns, Toronto
Canadian Food Summit, February 7&8, all day, Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Uptown Waterloo Market Planning meeting, Saturday February 11, 2-4pm, Seven Shores Café, Waterloo
Canadian Organic Growers PWW AGM, Thursday, February 16, 12-4pm, Queen Street Commons, Kitchener

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